Working on “Deep Blue”

So, folks, yesterday Al and I got to work together on a track called “Deep Blue”.

It is a catchy little pop tune we both worked hard tirelessly at.
And it was real, fun.
I will be finishing up the last itsy bits to finalize the song today.

And as always, we used Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer edition, with the RME Multiface as our converters.
And the Black Lion Audio BLA 173, in conjunction with the PBC 6a Professional balanced Compressor.
The vocals and Guitar were picked up by the AKG C214 studio Condensor microphone.
Overall, things are pretty peppy!

Thank you for reading this all!
These songs will be released onto all Digital Platforms real soon! Including itunes, Spotify etc, etc.
So stay tuned for more Blissful news about Audio Stone’s latest five track EP.

The Songs that will be on here are as follows:
Titles are basically decided-
Order still under thought.
Soon to be released!!!

Here are the contending titles from Audio Stone’s 2021 five track EP:

Crazy $%x After Paranoia
“Deep Blue”
In The Beginning
“Psalms 23”

We aren’t too sure about the album title.
But we are moving forward.
Forever forward!

Thank you all very much for your support!!
All those who appreciate good music are under this adulation.

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