“Whatever” New pop track available!

So, yeah, last night, I went into the studios, to work on something. Anything! And this song turns up at my genius door.
I know it’s short. Well, because I dont want to bore you with a long drawn out song.

Right now my parents are into some kinda Occult. I am definitely keeping safe distance from them. Even though they try to give me “Love” through hugs. But their whole demeanor is tantilizingly ugly.
They think they are Jesus Christ.
OK Enough about my pathetic lifestyle and choice of living location.
Here we give you the latest from Jesse Sou Pritchard. Yeah. Thats me!
We are not selling this song. Why? Well no-one seems to care about my tracks.
They are all into some kind of EDM or strong bass beatz.

Here at Stillbliss, It’s all about POP/Rock!
We keep things simply elegant. If you guys want this song to be longer, or if we should put it up, like we have done for countless songs. Then please let us know on YouTube!

We are content creators. But we don’t give out artwork for free!
So Here is the new track just made last night in the studios.


P.S. No! WE are not Ed Sheeran. We are intentionally making fun of him, and his recent dive into The Dark Side! With fangs and flying over mutilated people!

P.S.S. And, we are not encouraging you to go flying over people.
Keep it Bliss!! Hahah!

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