The Local Aliens! New Band. The sessions.

So, thing goes, we`ve got a new band on the block.

LOL, Well, not REEEALy. But hey, its a free world right?!
Yesterday, and today, we worked with Juni, and Richard, from The Local Aliens band.

It took us two days to record seven songs.
They are purusing the songs as we make this blog post.

They are a cool band consisting of three guys!
One is a dude from Jamaica, and he used to perform on stunt bikes in Jamaica for different sponsors.
But, now that he has kids, he needs to tone down his herecy.
Yes! Dads are an important part of life. Which the dude has one.
He is married to a Japanese wife.
Next up we have Juni. well, Hes, well, Single.
So ladies perk up your antennas.
ve got a new kid on the block.
Well, not THAT new. but hes a dope A## nigga. that can rap the Shi% out of a song.

Both dudes, actually rap in this band. But yes. The Alien you see here, he
`s the main frontman for the Local Aliens.

We used our ever so Trusty setup, of RME converters, into Sonar.
Using the ever so lovely sounding AKG C214. Which rocks the same Capsule as its big Daddy, the AKG 414.
We run that through our ever so trusty rusty, FMR AUDIO PBC 6A, going through the Black Lion audio BLA 173.


We actually dont need anything else.
It sounds dope as hell.
If you want to hear the final product, then go to your local Convenient store and pay for the itunes card to get your slice of STILLBLISS Magic.

So far we recorded, I think their whole new EP, on the BLOCK!
We are just waiting for his Piano player to put some parts down. then We mix that magic in.

Then off to the mastering house.
Which, um, is us!

Yeah. Good times were had.

Stay tuned for the release dates, AND links!

Cheerio Mother F##ka`s!

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