Some more tweaking of DJ Ali’s songs. And a new youtube vid.

Yesterday I went into the studio after helping my sister move to Tokyo.

I went with my dad and helped him with the moving of my younger sister into Tokyo.
She is a pâtissière. And she is moving in with one of her co-workers to share the rent, and whatnot.

Anyways on the subject of music, I went into the studio last night to rework some magic which I kinda was lacking the other night.

There was a form song which I needed to sync another song to, but I got that backwards. So I had to go into the studio again to fix the track.

So Ali, likes it, and will be sending me cash later on next week.
Of course like all Stillbliss posts, we end with a thank you and whatnot.

But I just want to say that Jogging is really quite a stress reliever if you need a form of stress relief.

Yes I drank a RedBull, and had coffee for breakfast, but I still went on my jog, and I feel GREAT!!

I own a studio/label, and am a lead guitarist in a POP punk band. And nothing will stop me from staying good and healthy.

So with that in mind, I just need to post a picture of Mr. Ali himself. And by the way he recently posted a YOUTUBE video which at a certain point me and my wife are in the photo gallery of this PV.

Here is the link! We are at 2:05 into the song.

Have a great evening!!

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