Slingshotmillion2 recording session.

So. Today we worked on a Slingshotmillion2`s session. It was quite hyped to say the least.

We recorded drums, vocals, guitars, bass and tommorrow I will be editing and mixing the songs.

Henma, the drummer for a different band from Okinawa called Pablo, will be using us in June. He said he wanted to record two songs with his band from Okinawa. That`s good news for us. As any kind of input on the money scene is always welcome.

We ended off with some vocal recording.

We used the BLA 173 PBC6a combo. Quite killer.

Using our trusty Shure KSM 32Sl for vocals. And for guitars, we used an old Shure SM57. The older it is the more used it sounds. And personally I like it over our newer SM57.

Anyways, I`ll be working on these tracks over the next few days.

Should be good fun!

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