SLingshotmillion2 and friendly calls for the future.

Recently I`ve been mixing Slingshotmillion2`s  songs in the studio. And getting calls from Friendly artists I`ve met at live shows. For instance, one musician asked me if I could mix and master his songs for his band in June.

He will be coming over in June to watch me work in the studio. I mean, thats good news right there!

I will also be practicing with my band in Tokyo today. So Im free for the morning but when night falls, I will be in a practice studio practicing with my band for a show on the 30th this month.

These songs that we are working on will be given out to people for free, as far as I know.

We also recorded a song for our bassist who is in England right now.
He will send me the bass stems, and I will run it through our preamp and compressor.

OK! Other than that, thank you for coming to our blog. it is always fun to write something for you to read.

And its relevant news, so I hope it keeps you entertained.

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