“Sister Judas” & “Veronica And The Sunset” by Chris Commander. Personal Sessions.

Well with the panicking happening about the Covid thingy, I`m finding myself more excited about the fact that we have a working studio here in Kanagawa.

I know this won`t last forever. Nothing does.
So, Without further nonsensical posts, here goes about the recent studio work.

Chris Commander recently asked me to finalize a track called “Sister Judas”. We had a problem with my previous DAW shutting down. So he asked another studio for the files, and found them. We were working on that today. As well as a new song called, “Veronica And The Sunset” which we played real drums for.

So, stay tuned for these banger`s in the future!

This was all done in Sonar 8.5.

We`ve been using the BLA 173, PBC 6a Combo for warming things up. We run the quieter tracks through this signal chain re-amping stems that our clients send us.

So, yeah, we have been busy.
Drank a cup a joe,
and am writing this out for you to understand what we do here at Stillbliss.

Thanks for reading this far!
Enjoy your day/night. OK?!

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