Recording with Drummer Henma!

Today I had the privilege to work in the studio again. This time recording drums for the band that I am also in- Slingshotmillion2.

We recorded five songs in three hours.

Three are complete. He will be coming back day after tommorow.
This shot was taken today.

We are using Sonar Producer edition, as well as Waves plugins.
I didn`t feel like going for a jog today, since it is really cold. So I opted rather to stay in front of the heater and blog about today.

Other than that, another Blissful experience at our studios.

Stay tuned for more news. As we will be recording more drums day after tommorow. As well, as a fusion guitarist on the 26th of this month.

By the way I also do Instagram. Check me out @jessesoupritchard.

I also am on Twitter @Jesseprit.

Ok folks! That`s it for all thiings bliss.

Peace out!!

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