Pt. 18 of the Lagoli show.

This time, it`s an interview, or more like questions that are being asked to Yui, (Slingshotmillion2`s main female singer) about different things she likes and what not.

This was all recorded with an iphone, and the whole show is being recorded here at our studios.

Sometimes they come every month.
But sometimes they don`t come every month, but they have these shows backed up. And they release them every week.

So I`m assuming that they will be coming over to record more of these shows. At the moment though, they are all full up for ideas.

So, I guess we`ll see what happens. Whether this show will continue, or not, is entirely up to them.

But it has been fun nevertheless.

Tommorow we will be recording drums for this same band.

We will keep you posted, as things develop.

As for now, we give you The Lagoli show.

Stay tuned for more information, on all things bliss!

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