Practicing with Slingshotmillion2, and recording.

We`re not just a studio that charges someone for an hour. We give until it hurts.

Just the other day Skip Taylor came in for a session. I gave him an hour free for being such a nice guy.
It`s nice people that win. Not the mean person.

Anyways, recently I have been practicing with my band Slingshotmillion2. We practice at a rehearsal studio in Hon Atsugi, about three times a month. It`s pretty fun!

We also have been recording drums, bass, guitar & Vocals at the studios here. And with the BLA 173, and FMR PBC6a we have a really warm analog sound. It has been great fun these past few days of recording. Jun the band leader said he will be coming over to record vocals later on this week.

Overall we have been having success, and we will be recording drums and vocals in a higher end studio. But we will still be using this studio for recording guitar for a mini album soon available. So stay tuned and come back for more blissful news!!

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