New Album in the works!

Today we had Ichiyo San, And dear Al, over for a studio session.
We worked on some vocals, harmonies, and Drums.

We used the Cinemag Transformers in the BLA B12aQuad.
As well as the BLA 173 with Edcore Transformers!

We have some broken condensor mic problems right now.
So we used the Shure Beta 58a as the room mic.

We mixed in Sonar 8.5, on a Win XP PC.
We have been using this setup for more than a decade now.
We wont go to mac. That’s for sure!

We also master with IK Multimedia’s T-Racks three standard.

We have been getting good reviews from Clients using this setup!
Attached to this post is the pics from Today!


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