Mixing and recording finished for Slingshotmillion2 & Chris Ekral

It has been a grueling past few days of nonstop recording for the band slingshotmillion. We recorded vocals, guitars, screaming, you name it! We are almost getting close to the bands live event where yours truly will be performing in Tokyo on the 17th. There’s not so much time, so I do hope that my band members reply soon, so I can start mastering the three songs we recorded.

Overall, much fun was had, and we will keep you updated with news from the studio.

Oh, and we also have been mixing a new version of Leboyfriend from Chris Larke.
He sent us Stems from England, and we are trying our best to get the song the way HE wants it! We do wish the best for Chris and Slingshotmillion2.

OK Over and out. Stay cool peeps! In this hot weather. Stay cool.

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