Mastering for Chris Commander.

So, last night Chris asked us to listen to a Fiverr mastering job.
And he asked us our opnion on it, and honestly? It sounded like nothing happened to it.

So Chris asked us if we could do it. And of course we gladly obliged.
Chris gave us the rightful 20$ for one track.

This time it was an 8 bit track of the song “Evil that men do”. Sounded like a video game. But it was the Iron Maiden song “The Evil That Men Do”.

Yes there are some hit and miss times like these with Fiverr.
But the 8 bit track was also from a Fiverr dude.

Anyways all that to say: the mastered version that Fiverr did for Chris didn’t sound mastered at all.

So, we gave it the magic Stillbliss touch that we do for all our clients.
We hope you like it Chris!
Ok! Peace and love to all.
JSP blissing out for now!

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