Kenrick Sharpe studio session!

So, here comes another blog about the session that happened yesterday.

Kenrick came with his backing tracks from a Fiverr dude. He sent the one he wanted to add vocals to, to my email address.

We had three and a half hours of total bliss. Sorry for no pic of Kenrick. I kinda forgot. Was too busy working on the session, that I completely forgot.

He added backing vocals as well! I personally helped him with some ideas for his backing vocals. He was also adept with his own ideas. So, no shortage of great sounds there!

We used the Black Lion Audio BLA 173, neve 1073 clone, or close to it, with the FMR Audio PBC6A to track the vocals. We used the AKG C214. And it shined like a pro!

Anyways, Kenrick said he will be coming back to use our services in the future! Good news for us!!

Thank you dear Kenrick! We wish you best of luck with your track!

Up untill now, all you beautiful people reading this blog: Stay Blissed out!


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