“Joanne” PV, in Chigasaki.

Today I hung out with Al Arroyo in Chigasaki.
We brought our iphones, and took shots, at the beach.
We played a little charade, as well as some guitar shots.
I brought my Fender strat, and Al brought an acoustic guitar.

We shot all at the Shonan Beach. We even got to meet a couple that came by Motorbike to the beach! They were drinking coffee, and casually chatting. Asking us if this was for YouTube.

We talked with them a bit.
We also got some shots of Boats and Crows.
We will be using the footage, as well as the Videos.
All shot on Iphone 11, and an iphone SE2020.

We hope you all are enjoying your new year.
It is still filled with Mrs. Covid. So stay safe peeps, here in Stillbliss land.

As for now, just keep in touch with us through this blog!
Thank you!

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