Henma comes to record. And Chris Larke mixing.

So, if you don`t know who Henma is, then you dont know pop culture. At least not in Japan.

He is the drummer for indie punk rock band, Slingshotmillion2.

He came today and couple days before, to record some drums.
I wont be mixing them, as their guitarist will do all the editing.
He also uses Sonar as well.

Of course, I`m using an older version. Because all my money is being spent on actual factual physical gear.

Anyways. back on topic.

Oh, yeah. I also am working on Chris Larke`s songs.
He sends me the stems from England by the net, and I mix the songs into perfection. or you could say, the best way, I know how. or the best way that I was taught, and I listen to my ears.

They, of course, are the final judge for everything. And they are usually right.

Anyways. That is what has been happening on the home front.

Enjoy more happy posts like this soon! As we have more artists coming to the studios in the near future.

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