Chris Larke comes again!

Yep! He came. With his cute little flying V electric guitar which he bought here in Japan.

He also bought a bicycle at the Don Quixote store. His wife is staying at her parents place and spending some time with them. And Chris took the opportunity to come and do some recording with us!

We worked on a thirty second diddy, from start to finish. Which is part of his new Ep he will be putting out. which has four to five songs. The title? I don`t know yet.

But overall we had fun. We worked on some of his older stuff that has been sitting in our studio for a while now. Which he will be getting to soon. Because he wants to get this EP off the ground.

But this just goes to show, that we, are a great place for recreational activity.
We are always ready for new clients who want to use our cheap but high quality services.

I mean 2,000 yen and hour WITH AN ENGINEER???! Never heard of.

Maybe because we are a bit far from inner Tokyo. But still, that doesn`t stop the die hards from recording.

Ok. Now time to relax with Adriano Zapatta on itunes and taking in this beautiful sunny day here in Kanagawa.

Peace out.

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