Chris Larke and a cover copy of Japan’s “Kaeru no uta”!

Or, the Frog song, if you wanna put it that way.

This morning Chris sent me files from a recording session he did the other day. He wanted me to mix the levels, and add elements to the track.

He still hasn’t answered back yet, but I have a feeling he’s going to like the version I sent him.

Of course if it needs to be remade, I will do just that.

It’s the “Kaeru no uta”. The “Frog song” in Japanese it’s a kids lullabye bascially. I think they teach it in schools. And being the great teacher Chris Larke is, I believe he wanted to poke at some fun with a newer rendition about farting instead.

I added some piano, Bass, Drums, and strings.

All in Cakewalk’s Sonar 8.5 edition.

Yes! I still use the Windows XP edition. I mean, if it works, then why not eh? Plus I love getting better Audio gear, then have an update to my DAW.

Anyways, that’s what’s happening at Stillbliss right now.

Stay tuned for more news! As Skip Taylor will be joining us in the Stillbilss revolution, pretty soon. He wanted to record yesterday, but was too Sozzled from a show he had in Tokyo.

He said it went well. And Success breeds Success. So Good for you Skip!

And Chris? Well we just need to hear from him about what he thinks of the new track.

Adios Amigo’s!!

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