Cheap price. High quality Vintage sounding recording sound.

Yes. We`ve got 5 stars, on Facebook, &, Google.

We are not your ordinary studio. We have a unique sound.
We help you out with your harmonies. We play instruments. We mix, master & record your record. We`ve got nothing but good feedback from our clients.

We are also a record label. Stillbliss Records.

We are here to serve. And that`s all we plan to do for the future, for you who are thinking about using our studio.

We run on Coffee, and RedBull.

We strive for perfection. Our sound and technique has been tried & perfected over the more then ten years in the music industry.

If you plan on making a classy record with us, then just send an email to us!

We aim to please here at Stillbliss.

Thats it for todays post.

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