“Baby Cow In A Field”, and “Down To My Bed”.

We don`t choose how much we are paid. We just work for you and you decide what you want to pay me for my time.

That is what has been happening for the longest time between us and Chris Commander.

He lives all the way in the UK. He send`s us Stems from his studio, that he has recorded, then we run the stems through our analogue gear, and mix the songs with waves plugins.

We also use auto tune on the voice if needed. And replay the tracks if they need some TLC.

We have also recently been getting emails from singers saying they don`t have money to come to record.

Well, you either gotta be REAL GOOD to win us over. But for now, we just work on what comes to our doorstep, or through the internet mail.

So, just today I ran the STEMS for Chris Commander for his songs called “Baby Cow In A Field” And “Down To My Bed” Through the BLA 173, FMR audio PBC6a combo.

Baby Cow in a Field needed one more stem which he sent through Dropbox. Which is what we have been using with Chris for a long time now.

All that to say, we wish you well in this difficult time, because of the fear.

But fear not. You will not get bitten by the snake. As long as you don`t step on him.

So, anyways, stay cool, stay fit, and stay warm folks. Weird weather these days!

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