Working on a Chris Commander tune

In fact we are working on two of his tunes, that he recorded in England.
He sends me the STEMS through a file sharing site, and I just add that to my DAW.

One of the tunes are a Christmas tune, and the other one is based on the Game of thrones TV series.

It’s been exciting, working on adding drums, bass, guitar, and vocals and mixing it in the the box.

I’ve been using the Waves Power collection as well as the L2, and R-bass also from Waves.

I use Sonar, and have been using it for quite sometime now.
I still use the producer version for Windows XP.
It’s the 8.5 producer version.

I’m planning in the future to upgrade my gear, from my FMR audio RNP, RNC, as well as my Mackie Onyx 1620.

I am looking at the API audio 3124+.

Once I have that, I think I will be a happy puppy!

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