“Wasps Don`t Care”, “Blah, Blah, Bullshit”

Hey there!
Nice to see you again!

Recently, we`ve been working with Chris Commander. He lives in Enlgand.
But, he has a small studio with a mic and DAW.

He recently has been sending us STEM`s to his two new aforementioned, in the Title Songs.

Recently it`s mainly been about Wasps, and how they don`t care about Shi%. And the recent Corvid Shitz, and how the Politicians are using the virus as a platform for their BullShi%.

Anyways, Chris pays us what he wants (Accordingly) for our expertise, and time.

And that is the recent Studios news. We also recently helped Indie Punk Band Slingshotmillion2 With writing English Lyrics for one of their original tunes.

Ok! Peeps, bliss out!
Summer is almost here!

Get out in the sun that is shining down on us these days!

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