The Dandy Lionz – Closer Album 2020 version, finally Available for purchase.

We were hesitant about uploading our album due to copyright issues with the singer, due to incorrect naming of the songwriter/singer.

But just today, I am amazed that our album made it to the digital formats.
I guess God is on our side, and prayer changes things!

So here we give you in all its glory ‘Closer’.
By our in house band- The Dandy Lionz.

We are actually working on remixing and adding better elements to the tracks, as well as taking out some tracks and adding better ones in their place.

But for all you hard core POP/Rock fans out there digging into your pockets, for a taste of pop sugar, then this just might be your ticket.
From the moment of release, we already sold quite a few copies.

We hope you like it!

Here you are!
A bit:

Amazon USA
Amazon Japan

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