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Slingsshotmillion2. Yesterday & today.

Today I finished the mixes of Slingshotmillion2’s new songs. One is called “Smile for you”. The other is called “Living road”.

We recorded bass for them yesterday, and today I finished adding the final touches to it. And sent off two mixes each for each song. A full and one BGM.

They are both in the genre of what we like to call “Mixture rock.”

I’m using my new pedal these days at rehearsal. And am finding it to be quite exciting to play with. It’s a Catalin Bread DLS 3. Bascially its called The “Dirty little Secret3” pedal. It is a distortion pedal which mimicks Marshall plexi’s from the 70’s.

It sounds really good when you crank it up. And when you pull back on the volume knob on your guitar, it cleans up nicely. it has more control then a typical amp cranked up at the same volume.

Therefore you feel like you have more control over your tones while playing. it is really quite nice.

Anyways. That is what has been happening at Stillbliss.

Alka Arroyo seems like he’ll be coming over to record some music pretty soon, for his new album. So Stay tuned for more news!!

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