New Vocaloid POP track from Takaki Longfield, Coming SOON! Mastered at Abbey Road Studios!!

Yesterday, I was in the studio with none other than Takaki Longfield. He is a master guitarist & Composer in his own right. We met at a live house event in Ikebukuro and later asked me through line if I could mix a song for him.

Little did I know that this song was a very catchy Vocaloid tune.

It has ripping guitar Rhythm, and a catchy vocaloid vocal track as well as pianos all with a pop punk drum behind leading the pack.

We worked for about four hours in the studio together to get the mix just right. As we cannot settle for anything but the best.

It is called “Summer Spectrum”. All sung in Japanese of course.


And since we couldn`t settle for less than the best, we left the mastering up to the top masters of this craft- At Abbey Road studios.

So Abbey road engineers are working on mastering the track as of this writing.

We will be releasing this track on our independant record label- Stillbliss Records.

We will also be uploading the master track toYoutube (Soon) for free Streaming.

So stay tuned for the next pop hit from our Stillbliss hit factory.

Coming soon to all major online retailers!!

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