Mr. Clarkey Sings…”Baby Cow In A Field”

All mixed and mastered here at the studios.

It’s a montage to all the baby animals in the field. Like a goat, horse, cow etc.

YouTube link.

We worked on this song with Mr.Clarkey, over the net.
He sent us the stems for mixing.
He lives in The UK. But he sends us the vocals, bass, synth, and anything else that needs some TLC.

We then run the stems through our analogue gear and then after the ok came from Mr.Clarkey, we then mastered it.

Of course he paid what he wanted for the mixing services. And then paid our asking price of 20$ per track for mastering.

I believe we got it nice and warm sounding. using T-racks 3 standard edition. And the waves L2.

We are still using Cakewalk’s Sonar 8.5 Producer edition.
I mean, if it ain’t broke, why fix it right?
That’s all the blissful news you’ll hear from me for now.

Oh yeah, he released it under our brand: Stillbliss Records.
Cool no?

Here is the link.

It will be available real soon on itunes, Google play, Spotify etc.


Peace out!
Bliss out.

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