Mastering for DJ Ali!

So, Mr. Dj Ali Huggins, sent his mix over to me from the US of A.
We ran it through our trusty T-racks Standard 3 edition.

We sent off two versions to him. One without boosting the frequencies, and one accentuating the needed frequencies.

We hope you like it Ali!

We are also getting asked by another possible client in the UK for our mastering services. Which are quite reasonable. 20$ per track.
Cheap eh?

That doesn’t mean the sound is cheap.

We pride ourselves in everything we do. From the Re-amping, mixing, recording, our session work. We LOVE music. And of course if we can get something in return, that is the joy of owning a recording studio.

So, the song is called “Lockdown” By Ari Jamz.

The song will be released on our label Stillbliss Records. In the near future!

Keep an eye out for this banger!

Ok peeps! Stay Blissed out. JSP signing out for now!

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