Mastering for Chris Larke.

Today I got the ok to master his four tracks, that are remixes of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta” lullaby.

It`s a kind of Mockery on the song, as he has four tracks,

“Kaeru in the Round”- Frog in the round.
“Kaeru Short”- Frog Short.
“Oshiri in the round”- Butt in the round. But he sings about farting.
“Oshiri Short”- Butt short. Also talking about farting. Just shorter.

He will be distributing these four tracks on nearly all online retailers; Itunes, Google play, Amazon etc.

He will be using Stillbliss Records, as his Record Label.

DJ Ali, will also be using our mastering services, like I mentioned earlier. As well as using our label.

And Skip Taylor will be coming over on the 26th this month, so Stay tuned.
Oh yeah, also on another musical note, this years Grammy Nominees album, all the tracks are dope! Bought the cd. No regrets!

OK. Now another sip of Cola!

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