Mastering for Chris Larke. Recording drums for Slingshotmillion2, & Fusion guitarist Skip Taylor

Just yesterday I was working on Mastering Chris Larke`s four new tracks. They are renditions of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”. He paid us for mastering the tracks, as well as our time to make the four tracks. Mixing and mastering. Thanks Chris!

He will also be using Stillbliss records as his label for these releases.

We also recently have been getting jobs from DJ Ali.
He`s been asking us for what the key to certain songs are, as well as pitch shifting songs.

And very soon we will be recording drums, bass, Vocals, & guitar for Slingshotmillion2.

On the 18th of this month we will start recording of the drums, and then the bass, guitars, then vocals, then mix, and then master.

That`s the usually order of our Multi-tracking that we do here.

Skip Taylor will also be coming over to record some fusion guitar on the 26th.

So we are getting busy folks, and we will be keeping you updated on the latest news

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