Lady Peacock! NEW album- Mizukaze.

ピーコック夫人! NEWアルバム

This is a new album by Canadian artist, Lady Peacock.

This album was created in 2020-2021. It was completed in 2022, as of this month. She has the ability to play the violin. She calls the violin she owns- Lynn.

She is a prolific singer songwriter from Canada.
And has come to our studios, over the past two years.


She works at a local school, and is a College grad.

The album will be available on Amazon, Spotify, and itunes on February the 18th.

The song list is as follows:



  1. Water Is Love
  2. Up The Drunken hills We Go
  3. Yokohama Mama
  4. Friends Are Family You Choose
  5. Scary Harry
  6. Mizukaze
  7. Weller Man
  8. Digital Vamp

    “Digital Vamp” was a creation not curated on Stillblissstudios land. But rather by the infamous B-Dawg DJ.
    -He is also from Canada.

    We will be shooting PV`s in the near future. So stay tuned for more information On Lady Peacock, and her new album Mizukaze!



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