Henma the drummer, arrives for a drum session. And a new tune from Chris.

Yes! We had a studio session today!

It was real fun. We recorded Drums. We recorded three songs. Of course at our studio we must multi track. But I mean who doesn’t multi track these days?

Yesterday we recorded vocals as you so already know.
And today we just put the drums over the existing vocals and guitar takes.

Henma came around 14:45. We finished around 19:00. Basically like yesterday, but JUST drums. We are recording these drums for our band Slingshotmillion2. As a guide for how our band “should” sound like.

As the drums aren’t the BEST here. We will be recording some drums later on next month or so at another studio. But the guitars will be tracked at our studio here at Stillbliss.

I can’t think of anything else to say, other than that we got alot accomplished. And I am feeling quite satisfied with the results.

I sent the mixes by Mp3 to my band members. Now just to see what they will say about the recording. That’s always the snag..but, so is the life of an engineer.

I hope you liked today’s post!

Come back for more updates on everything blissful, at another time!

See you soon.

Oh wait! I also Mastered Chris Commander/Ekral/Larke’s new numer called “We are the walking dead”.

So keep an eye or more like an ear out for that one on our record label Stillbliss records.

Slingshotmillion2 will be using this label in the future for uploading tracks to the net etc.

Stay tuned!!!

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