Good morning! From Stillblissstudios!!

Recently Ive been downloading tunes from itunes. I go and buy an Itunes redeem card from the nearby convenient store.

It seems that all the good tunes are for 250 yen for one tune.

At least it`s better than paying for a whole album just for one song that you might like.

There are also many other good tunes on Itunes. I currently use an ipod nano fat. It`s been with me for almost 5 years, and it`s still working. Very nice when things work.

Just to give you an update on some tunes That I can remember) that have been recorded here; Jago, Chris Ekral/Larke/Commander, Shock, Adriano Zapatta, Crank killer-T, Suspect zero, Slingshotmillion, Slingshotmillion2, Hell Razer. Monique Dehaney, Terry Brown, Spectrum One, Toki Francis Shimizu, & many more.

We are constantly on the lookout for better gear and better sound.

Right now we are working on Slingshotmillion2`s demo soundtrack. We will be recording the drums and vocals at a larger studio, but the guitars will be recorded here again.

We are actually quite busy. Just to let you know. We aren`t just sitting around doing nothing.
After all we ARE a record label and studio, that has been around since 2004.

We pride ourselves with the quality to price ratio. Which has always been our biggest plus.

We are located a bit far away from humanity. But that in itself is a rewarding experience.

You get to record in the middle of nature where you can hear the birds singing and a nearby river and mountain side of Kanagawa, Sagamihara shi.

We can get your tunes recorded mixed and mastered for a great price.

Our label is free to use, once you do something with us.

Anyways I thought I`d post a recent collage of our studios and show you the evolution of our studios.

Happy days people! Have a good one on us!

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