Editing for band Mother Slug, & Recording a full band- Slingshotmillion2. And Stillbliss records` growth.

I guess you could say I`m kinda busy. These past few weeks, or more like days, I have been recording drums, bass, and guitars; Distortion guitars, as well as vocals.

I have also been up to editing a video using the stock video editor in Windows Vista. It`s a bit tricky to use, but I think I got the hang of it.

Also in other good news, other than band and editing- Band Mother Slug will be using our Stillbliss Records label. As well as DJ Ali in Nagoya.

Yes you heard me correctly. A DJ far from where I live (In kanagawa) A DJ In Nagoya wants to use our label. I mean, of course, anyone would want to use it. Especially since it`s royalty free. Of course you have to have some relationship with our studio. Which all of the people who use this label do!

So, other than a jog and hanging out with my pops and brother at a couple of stores today in Sagamihara, that is what has been happening on the home front.

Stay tuned for more Blissful news!

And remember to look for the rainbow in the rain!



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