DJ Ali, and Chris Larke jobs

They`re not exactly “jobs”. As I consider them to be very satisfying when it comes to working in the music business.

Just this morning I was asked to finalize Chris Larke`s four tracks that are a fun twist on the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”.
There will be four tracks, and most likely he will be using us for mastering as well.

And we were also asked by none other than the talented DJ from the US who is currently based in Nagoya- DJ Ali. We were asked to pitch shift two songs of his. We used Sony`s sound forge for that task.

DJ Ali, said he will also be releasing a new album, and will be releasing it under our label- Stillbliss Records.

He will also be using our mastering services for his new album.

OK that`s all so far.

Oh Yes!

Skip Taylor will be coming on the 26th this month to record with me in the studio.

So keep coming back from more Juicy Blissful news!

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