“Corona Virus (The song)” Available now!

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So, yeah! Chris Commander has come out with his own little ditty in honor of the outbreak we are having globally.
This is actually his remix tune that was called “Pretty little Bitches”.
But with this outbreak, might as well make good with what the whole world is going through.

He is comically making fun of the fact that so many people are paranoid, and controlled through the mass media, and how pop culture is just too much for the average person to handle. much less knowing about the fact that you just might die!

But, no worries there. Stillbliss artist: Chris commander, delves into the comical side of how you can look at such a viral topic.

Anyways, give it a wirl!

Give some love to Chris for making us laugh in these hard, and panic filled times!

Bliss out!!

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