Chris Larke and “Oshiri in the round”

Recently, we have been in contact with Chris Larke, who lives in the UK.

He has been contacting us via mail, and we have been fine tuning his new track entitled ” Oshiri in the round”. Talking about farts in the classic talkback kids lullabye from Japan called “Kaeru no uta”. The Frog`s song, basically.

He changed things up a bit and instead of the frog croaking, he changed it to the `onara`. Meaning fart in Japanese.

We are almost done with this song. We are just waiting for him to contact us for the final message, whether he approves it or not.

He will be using our label to commercialize this track.

Stillbliss records has never been prouder then now.

Again another blissful piece of news.

Keep coming back, for more news, as Skip Taylor will be coming this month to record guitar and sequence drums with me in the studio- at least that`s as far as I know.

Anyways. Have a great day or night wherever you are.

Peace! I`m out for now.

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