Chris Ekral overseas Session!

So, yeah.
Christian larke, who goes by the moniker of Chris/Larke/Ekral/Commander/Comannder and the Helpers.
Has sent us the stems to one of his tunes, through dropbox.
He asked me to mix it for him!
We do hope you like it Chris!

We used the WAVES Power pack, as well as some R-verb, And L2.

We ran the quieter stems through our trusty ol’ BLA 173, through the PBC6a Compressor.
And as always it delivered, great Cellulite to the track.

We are still using Windows XP here, as well as Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer edition. And the waves plugins. As well as the stock plugins that come with Sonar.

We hope Chris likes it. And hopefully next step is to see if its good enough for him. Then, We will master the track, using Ik Multi Media’s T-racks 3 standard, as well as the Waves L2.
Which has been our go to mastering setup for years now.

Anyways keep coming back here to see blissful news!
We are pretty sure Chris, wants to stick with using our Label.
So stay tuned, for Stillbliss records tunes online on nearly all Digital Platforms!

Cheers! And have a happy Summer Vacay!

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