New album by Audio Stone! Available in two weeks time!

New Band- Audio Stone, Has just released an album that will be available on all online stores in two weeks!
This has been a labor of love between Producer/Guitarist Jesse Sou Pritchard, and Vocalist/Songwriter Al Arroyo for the past three to four years.

“We haven’t really been recording these songs seriously until now”.

Why? Well there just hasn’t been enough need for it, in the secular realm, until now.
People want new music, people need to be entertained. And that is exactly what POP/Rock band Audio Stone, is all about.
We mastered a track from this album at Metropolis Studios. If that wasn’t enough, We have been tirelessly working on this album, and another one, from New Christian band, named- Sacred Stone. Which is an offshoot from Audio Stone.
We do hope you enjoy the titles, from this album, as much as we had fun making it!
This album is not released on Stillbliss Records.
It is an entire personal entity in itself.


“Joanne” PV, in Chigasaki.

Today I hung out with Al Arroyo in Chigasaki.
We brought our iphones, and took shots, at the beach.
We played a little charade, as well as some guitar shots.
I brought my Fender strat, and Al brought an acoustic guitar.

We shot all at the Shonan Beach. We even got to meet a couple that came by Motorbike to the beach! They were drinking coffee, and casually chatting. Asking us if this was for YouTube.

We talked with them a bit.
We also got some shots of Boats and Crows.
We will be using the footage, as well as the Videos.
All shot on Iphone 11, and an iphone SE2020.

We hope you all are enjoying your new year.
It is still filled with Mrs. Covid. So stay safe peeps, here in Stillbliss land.

As for now, just keep in touch with us through this blog!
Thank you!

Pray Peace.

With the New year just begun, here is the scond installment from Stillblissstudios.
This one is a Christian Album. Titles are;
In order-

  1. Day and Night
  2. Open up my eyes
  3. Lord’s Prayer
  4. Pre jam
  5. Jesus I trust in you
  6. Praise your name
  7. Higher
  8. Cold mountain
  9. Kailua Sunrise
    10 reach you
    11 see you again
    12 Got you
    13 never slip away
  10. Prayer Peace
  11. Morning light

This might not all fit on one album, so we are still in the works.
Keep tuned!

Audio Stone, new album soon out in 2021.

So, with the New year just begun, we want to say thank you with two new albums coming soon to you.
This one is called Audio Stone.
The track list is still up for reworking in the order, but here goes, the list:

Reach you
Got you
Lay it on me
Cold mountain
See you again
Never slip a away
Prayer peace.
Morning light
Day and Night

We are not sure yet how we will be releasing this album, but the cover is basically done. And we hope to get this album to you very soon!
Stay tuned for more news!

“Chris Hansen” n’ “Brexit Wonderland” mixin’ sessions!

So Chris From the UK, sent me some stems for mixing of his two songs that we have on our studio DAW.
They are both Comical, songs based around UK culture I guess?
He sent me two stems, one vocal, for “Chris Hansen” And one Drum Loop for “Brexit Wonderland”. I think its the other way around, but thats fine, we are just talking about two song”s stems, that were run through the BLA 173 And FMR AUDIO PBC6A.

Look forward to hearing these songs soon on digital download formats soon!

You gotta give it to him! He does look pretty fit? No?!

Skip. The sessions!

So, Skip Taylor came today.
He recorded vocals.
Bass, and brought over an mp3 to put into a track.

We worked on reworking vocals for a number called, “Breakfast Is A Sin”.
It was quite poppy!
We used the BLA 173, through the FMR audio PBC6A.
We used our ever so trusty AKGC214.
Here is the picture of Skip before the session. With our trusty microphone.

We hope you like our blog!
We hope you have a good ending to the year!
And we wish you all the best!
From our family to yours!

May it be a wonderful and blissful future!

Chris Commander Mastering. And “Stinky, Stinky Little Poo Mr. Clarkey Sings…(Featuring Lord Barnabus)”

So, Today we mastered a track for Chris, in the UK.
The song was called, “Hara Hetta”. Meaning, “I’m hungry”! In Japanese.

It was a short diddy, that has the same tune as a kids tune.

Chris has worked with kids for a while as a teacher. So, only understandable that he relates to kids as he does with his tunes.

Also very soon, “Stinky Little Poo” by none other than Mr. Clarkey Sings. Will be out on New years day!

Under our home grown label here in Japan, Kangawa Ken, Sagamihara shi- Stillbliss Records.

Stay tuned on this blog for more Blissful news!
Happy holidays! And Merry Christmas!