Jack Trudel & Cali- post.

So, recently we`ve been collaborating with Singer Songwriter in California- Jack Trudel.

He is well known in his circle of friends, as a prolific Songwriter.
AudioStone, offered to cover his song called “No Right Way To Do Wrong.”

It is a POP song on the advantageous spot of viewing things in a more enlightening matter.

We came to the conclusion, that the song needed a work-over. So, we opted for using real drums, through Edcore, and Cinemag Transformers.

Using primordial drum techniques, with the tools available.

For guitars we used the Womanizer by Damage Control, And the DLSMK3 pedal, as well as an assortment of EHX pedals.

Bass was tracked through the DI on the BLA 173 through the FMR AUDIO PBC6a Compressor, going through RME AD/DA. Into an Imperial DAW.


Stay tuned for- The Forged Mountains, by AudioStone.

Available real soon, on itunes, maaaybe Spotify, and if youre lucky and are being a good boy, then maybe Amazon.

Well see, won
t we!

Pre-release teaser!
Track order:

  1. Wild World (Cover)
  2. How Dare You
  3. No Right Way To Do Wrong
  4. Wayfaring Stranger
  5. Sonic Groove
  6. This Good Land
  7. CSAP
  8. Groovin’

The album`s date is not decided yet. but we are working on the final touches of Promotion, as well as getting the songs up on YouTube, for your demoing before purchasing, particulars.

Ok! Thats it! From Jesse here at Stillbliss!

Take it easy ok folks?
`s JUST a mask.


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