Deep Blue

Soon to be upon us!
We have the latest from Jesse & Al’s latest album.
Here is the email sent about 2 hours ago:

Dearest Al,
Here is the Final/Mastered/Remixed 6 track Album Of- Deep Blue.
Title Decided by both Al Arroyo Jr. And Jesse Sou Pritchard in 2021.Made in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Over the course of half a year.

All recorded, Mixed and Mastered by in house Producer Jesse Sou Pritchard @
Vocals, All Al Arroyo…Uduh!!
Like Of Course?!

 I was thinking this order for the album.
1. In The Beginning
2. Give Him The Glory
3. Psalms 23
4. Deep Blue
5. CSAP*
6. Sonic Groove

*Also known on Youtube, as: “Crazy Sex After Paranoia”

I`m sending this off to Al, as THE final send for (Deep Blue)


So Yeah, this is the latest hybrid of an album you can find right now, online.
Christian, yet still cool.
If you dig what we do here, stay tuned for more news that will talk about when we will upload it to itunes, Spotify, & Amazon.

We probably will not send this into Streaming platforms. Most likely Spotify will be the only Streaming platform for this album.

So, Stay tuned for more Blissful news soon to come HERE! On this website only!

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