New tunes from Chris Commander!!

We’ve just got news that Chris Commander or better known as Chris Larke, or Chris Ekral, has two new tunes available for digital downloads.

They are called “I Voted Leave (And Leave Won)“, and “Her boyfriend.”

Both are poppy songs.

For one, they were both mixed & mastered at our studios, and two they are just good songs in general.

I Voted Leave (And Leave Won)” is about the recent financial crisis facing the UK with their voting system.
And the second track “Her Boyfriend” is a remake of his hit song Leboyfriend, which was on Chris Larke’s ‘Songs’ Album from the 2,000’s. We have been collaborating with Chris for over 5 years for sure. He has been a great client and is a great songwriter and composer.

We have been staying in contact with him by him sending us STEM’s through the net, and we mix the tracks and master them and add any extra details that he might need or want.

And overall we have been coming through with flying colors.

At least our Clients are happy. And we are happy to announce new products from Stillblissstudios and records.

Chris has been using our label, which is free to use if you have a relation to our studio, whether through mixing and or mastering or adding elements to our tracks, or hell, just overall coolness in coming to record with us. It is all available.

Just like Snow patrol said it so well- “It’s all for you”

So, with further ado, we give you Chris’s latest creations. All on our Stillbliss records label!!

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