Chris Ekral’s “Her boyfriend” & “Her boyfriend sensored” Mastered & future artists coming to the studios!

Just yesterday I went into the studio to finish the last touches for Chris Ekral’s two new songs called “Her boyfriend” And a censored version of the same song.

It was fun working on sensoring it with the Dblue tape stop free plugin. I used T-Racks standard for mastering the two tracks.

I also used Sound Forge and the L2 also for mastering the two tracks, as it was starting to distort in T-Racks.

Chris has been using our services over the net for the past few years. By sending us the stems through the net.

We will soon be having an Artist coming over on the 8th of this month to record with us. He is coming over from Nagoya. His name is Ali. He is a singer and DJ as well.

After sending the mastered mixes to Chris, we are just waiting for his ok comment. Then he will be sending in the tracks for online publishing. He will be using our Stillbliss Records label.

Like it says on the home page. Our label is free to use, if you have some relation to the studio.
Like if you’ve used us and our mixing our mastering services. Or even just having me play the guitar and bass and remixing etc. The possibilities are endless.

We will also be recording Mother Slug’s singer’s vocals here very soon. Keep coming back for more Stillbliss news.

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