Busy with Chris Ekral and Slingshotmillion

Today I was in the studio to work on mastering another one of Chris Ekral’s hit wonders.
This one is called “I voted leave”.
Conjuring images of what’s been happening in the EU, with the UK and Europe voting on different issues.

I guess Chris wanted to make a tune out of this jumble mumble, that’s all part of voting, in a country.

So, I mastered the tune using IK-Multimedia’s T-Racks Standard edition, which I have been using for along time now. As well as sound forge and the Waves L2.

I also worked on sending my band, #slingshotmillion2’s main singer Yui the backing tracks only for her peripheral use.

That, and some nice coffee. Well, that’s what has been going down at the studios these days.

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