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Slingshotmillion, comes again.

The front man and girl for Slingshotmillion, came today to record four Youtube radio shows.

The pictures speak for themselves. But I might as well add my two cents.

The show is all in Japanese. But if you wanna learn Japanese, might as well start with comical relief.

The show is a bit comical, they cover many subjects, with each post which is posted each week.

They will be coming over every month to record four shows for each session.

This is my previous band that we are talking about here. But I have no connection with them at all. I am just letting you know what is POP these days. And what is coming out of this studio.

We will soon be having Chris Larke from London coming over to record sometime soon!

So stay tuned for more good news and new tunes coming soon to all available Digital download sites.

This show is aired on Slingshotmillion`s youtube channel.

Chris Larke is a UK Singer Songwriter, which has been using us and our services for sometime now. He is a very nice bloke. He is visiting Japan very soon. And we will be servicing him in producing his tunes, like we do anyone who walks through the studio doors.

So that is all that is blissful these days.

We will be producing artist- Alika Arroyo, who is coming over to sing with his ever sexy rock voice.
He has come over before in the past. But we will be producing alot of his trax. By adding drums, strings, guitar, bass, etc. you name it. we got it.

So yeah. We are getting more busy recently, which is a good thing. Especially when it comes to Asians, their whole demeanor is a bit ill mannered. but Alika and Chris are both Christians, with a good vibe and positive influence on us.

I am sure not ALL asians are like some who have come through our doors.
Yes! We ARE a company. So dealing with stress IS part and parsile of this artform.

But having nice clients is a joy to be loooking forward to working with.

So, just a little tip. Being nice can go miles, especially when it comes to others.

Be nice! be blissed out!


I`m out.

New youtube video uploaded.

By none other than the infamous, Yui, and Jun. From the band Slingshotmillion.

This is the their seventh intermission since the first conception of this talk show.

If you have 15 minutes of time on your hands, you might enjoy this Japanese talk show hosted by none other than the Lagoli himself.

Of course, it`s all in Japanese. Good time to learn no?

Another rendition to Slingshotmillion`s Youtube channel!

So, this is the latest show which is in its sixth generation.
They have been putting out shows like this every week now.

It was all recorded here at the studios.

Again. Disclaimer. It is all in Japanese. So if you understand Japanese, or want to learn. Then this might be your ticket!

So I give you `Yui, with Lagoli`.

New talk show out now!

By the Main singer for Slingshotmillion.
She talks with a monkey named Lagoli.

The show is updated every week.

Here is the latest show.

It is in it`s fifth rendition now, adding all the uploaded shows.

They will continuely be making more of these shows in the future.

Yes I know.

It`s in Japanese. Good time to learn eh?

So, stick around for more of these types of shows. And stay blissed out! !

Another Show of Slingshotmillion`s Yui. On Youtube!

So, we have recently been recording a show consisting of a gorilla called lagoli, with a high pitched voice, and with the front girl fron band Slingshotmillion Yui chan!

The show is all in Japanese, but is funny if you like Japanese sitcoms.

The show is about 15 minutes long. And we will continuely be airing these shows, as the main leader for this show said that they will be coming over to record more of these types of shows.

Here is the link to the latest show. It is in the the fourth showing now.


Slingshotmillion2, Youtube, Radio recording.

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Yui, and Jun, from the POP band Slingshotmillion2.

We recorded two vocals simultaneously.

We had one vocal in the control room/producers room. Then we had Yui, the main singer for the band who had the iphone capturing video, in the record booth.

I used a waves gate, and Cakewalk`s, pitch shifter plugin for the vocals, which are the main character called Lagoli, for the sessions, that are being released weekly, on their bands youtube channel.

Just type Slingshomtillion, on youtube, and you`ll find it.

I extracted the audio files after listening and editing the channels.

Then formatted them into MP3 files for release by the creator of the channel.

I hope you are satisfied with what I post here.

I try to post whatever happens in this studio here on this website, as well as on Facebook.

We have a facebook page as well.


Stay blissed out!


Stay motivated, and happy.

Drink your coffee in the morning and keep with all things bliss!

Peace! I`m out!

Youtuber`s come to the studios!

Day before yesterday, we had Yui and Jun from Slingshotmillion, come over, and we recorded vocals & videos for YouTube.

We used a pitch shifter that was a stock plugin already in Cakewalk.

They hadn`t come over since the soundtoys version of a Pitch shifter just up and quit on us.

But now that we had something of value to them they had a session with me.

They setup their iphone to capture the visuals. while I recorded the audio.

We used the Shure KSM 32sl, in the recording booth, where the iphone was capturing the visuals. And me and Jun were in the control room with another mic, using the pitch shifter.

I sent them the audio that we used a gate on one of the channels to make sure the bleed from the headphones wouldn`t come into the other channel.

I`m guessing that everything went well. Due to them not asking me anything.

As usual, this was all done with the waves Power Pack, and the DAW used was Sonar 8.5.

Yes! I am still using the XP version. And yes! I still use XP.

Bliss out peeps. Bliss out!

And early Happy new year! From all of us here in Stillbliss land.