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Deep Blue- By, Audio Stone, soon available!

So, here we have Audio Stone’s second six or five piece album Called- Deep Blue.
By now you probably already know about us!

We are a two pieced band where we have been hacking songs out of Stillblissstudios.

We go under the moniker of Audio Stone.
You know, You don”t have to buy our songs.
But honestly, that will make us happy if you could drop your hard earned cash/mula to the rock Gods. JK about ht elast comment.

We don’t really DO rock!
But here you go, here lay our hearts and souls to you with one of the songs from our album.

Please have a listen for heavens sake!
It’s good music!
Just need to change your taste buds!

Here is “GTHG

“Joanne” PV, in Chigasaki.

Today I hung out with Al Arroyo in Chigasaki.
We brought our iphones, and took shots, at the beach.
We played a little charade, as well as some guitar shots.
I brought my Fender strat, and Al brought an acoustic guitar.

We shot all at the Shonan Beach. We even got to meet a couple that came by Motorbike to the beach! They were drinking coffee, and casually chatting. Asking us if this was for YouTube.

We talked with them a bit.
We also got some shots of Boats and Crows.
We will be using the footage, as well as the Videos.
All shot on Iphone 11, and an iphone SE2020.

We hope you all are enjoying your new year.
It is still filled with Mrs. Covid. So stay safe peeps, here in Stillbliss land.

As for now, just keep in touch with us through this blog!
Thank you!

“The Rugby Song” Available on Youtube! And all Digital Download sites NOW!

Here we give you Chris Commander’s “The Rugby Song (Union vs League)”
New song all the way from the UK!
He has touched on many subjects, ie; The Corona outbreak, and so many others.
Here is his latest rendition to his masters, now on the subject of the UK’s favorite sport.
We hope you like it, just as we had as much fun in producing it for him!

The “Corona Shake”. Available for listening!

Dear reader and fan of this blog, thank you for coming here in your busy time. Right now with this scare, everyone is all couped up in their rooms.

So, with that in mind why not give Chris Commander`s new tune a whirl?
Here is the song on YouTube!

You know, honestly, have you actually had any family member have Corona Virus? Nope right? Well, it`s just a media created fear. I hope you stay positive and not fear, for the future is as bright as the promises of God!

Enjoy your day people! And stay Blissed out!