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“Whatever” New pop track available!

So, yeah, last night, I went into the studios, to work on something. Anything! And this song turns up at my genius door.
I know it’s short. Well, because I dont want to bore you with a long drawn out song.

Right now my parents are into some kinda Occult. I am definitely keeping safe distance from them. Even though they try to give me “Love” through hugs. But their whole demeanor is tantilizingly ugly.
They think they are Jesus Christ.
OK Enough about my pathetic lifestyle and choice of living location.
Here we give you the latest from Jesse Sou Pritchard. Yeah. Thats me!
We are not selling this song. Why? Well no-one seems to care about my tracks.
They are all into some kind of EDM or strong bass beatz.

Here at Stillbliss, It’s all about POP/Rock!
We keep things simply elegant. If you guys want this song to be longer, or if we should put it up, like we have done for countless songs. Then please let us know on YouTube!

We are content creators. But we don’t give out artwork for free!
So Here is the new track just made last night in the studios.


P.S. No! WE are not Ed Sheeran. We are intentionally making fun of him, and his recent dive into The Dark Side! With fangs and flying over mutilated people!

P.S.S. And, we are not encouraging you to go flying over people.
Keep it Bliss!! Hahah!

Audio Stone! NEW album! Out now on itunes

So, yeah, things are moving forward!
Here in Japan, Vaccine is not mandatory.
Why are we talking about Covid, when this is about a new album by Audio Stone.

Well honestly?
We are just happy you’re even reading this!
We all hope you are all well and happy during these trying times!
Stay inside and get a taste of Bliss!
By the new band Audio Stone Available now on itunes!

Enjoy! please!

New album by Audio Stone! Available in two weeks time!

New Band- Audio Stone, Has just released an album that will be available on all online stores in two weeks!
This has been a labor of love between Producer/Guitarist Jesse Sou Pritchard, and Vocalist/Songwriter Al Arroyo for the past three to four years.

“We haven’t really been recording these songs seriously until now”.

Why? Well there just hasn’t been enough need for it, in the secular realm, until now.
People want new music, people need to be entertained. And that is exactly what POP/Rock band Audio Stone, is all about.
We mastered a track from this album at Metropolis Studios. If that wasn’t enough, We have been tirelessly working on this album, and another one, from New Christian band, named- Sacred Stone. Which is an offshoot from Audio Stone.
We do hope you enjoy the titles, from this album, as much as we had fun making it!
This album is not released on Stillbliss Records.
It is an entire personal entity in itself.


Pray Peace.

With the New year just begun, here is the scond installment from Stillblissstudios.
This one is a Christian Album. Titles are;
In order-

  1. Day and Night
  2. Open up my eyes
  3. Lord’s Prayer
  4. Pre jam
  5. Jesus I trust in you
  6. Praise your name
  7. Higher
  8. Cold mountain
  9. Kailua Sunrise
    10 reach you
    11 see you again
    12 Got you
    13 never slip away
  10. Prayer Peace
  11. Morning light

This might not all fit on one album, so we are still in the works.
Keep tuned!

Audio Stone, new album soon out in 2021.

So, with the New year just begun, we want to say thank you with two new albums coming soon to you.
This one is called Audio Stone.
The track list is still up for reworking in the order, but here goes, the list:

Reach you
Got you
Lay it on me
Cold mountain
See you again
Never slip a away
Prayer peace.
Morning light
Day and Night

We are not sure yet how we will be releasing this album, but the cover is basically done. And we hope to get this album to you very soon!
Stay tuned for more news!

Christmas here from Stillbliss, Post!

So, with all the terror and hype around the pandemic, that people are forced to wear masks, is just a bit too much. But honestly?
We need a little Christmas. The magic from Stillbliss. And everything that music stands for, we are in it too!

This month we will have Skip Taylor over for a session. But honestly, This year has been great!
Of course the pandemic still keeps this year, and maybe next in the checking zone. But honestly? Let’s spend this years ending with those we love!

Of course I could post about all the bad. but this blog is not made for that. The news and TV already does that well enough.

So, honestly? we just want to send our Stillbliss love to you all!
Merry Christmas 2020!
It’s right around the corner. It’s the season to be jolly. As well as the season for giving.

Cause the more you give, you’ll get!

We hope and wish you the best for this Christmas.
stay Blissed out!

New song in the works!

So yeah, yesterday, we had Al Arroyo over for some tracking of a song called “Joanne”.
We first layed down a rough guiding track with guitars and vocals, at the right BPM. Then we added bass, then Acoustic guitar, then used the four channels of Cinemag transformers for micing the kick snare and two overheads. then we used the BlA 173 with Edcore Transformers on the room mic. All using the same AKG C214. Which has been working like a champ!

We had our bands drummer drum for this song.
We also added some bongos and shaker.

Overall it was a fun day!
Sorry! Again, I forgot to take pictures of the session happening.

But by golly G I will try to make sure next time, and times after that to take pics.

Ok Beautiful people! Stay Blissed out. I’m going to perform a wedding in Tokyo. See you laterz!