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Working for Chris Commander. In the studios.

So today at the studios, we worked on syncing the tracks of a song called “Fart remix”.
It’s a funk version with some hip beats.
We added some funky guitars, replayed the synth, muted the Japanese vocals, and sent it off to Chris for checking.

Now all we gotta do is wait for his reaction to the mix.
This was a mistake session, due to my bad part of un-muting the vocals that weren’t supposed to be there. So he didn’t pay me, which is fair enough!

Anyways, that’s what we have been up to these days.
Stay blissed out! And stay cool, in this hot summer heat.
because- It Feels Like Summer! lol. ok enough talk.
Stay cool peeps~!

New song out now! “I’ll be singing.”

Jesse Sou Pritchard is the founder of these studios.
Of course, with the help of his great Father, he has amassed the gear and studio to call it a studio, he hasn’t done it all by himself. Anything new or musical good probably comes from above.

So without further ado, we would like you to listen to Jesse Sou’s new hit, “I’ll be singing.”

It’s a little diddly tune for when your hearts are down and sagging. We hope this tune lifts you up. And of course if you buy it, then well, you will be supporting us.

And we thank you in advance for your kindness!!

“I’ll be singing”


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