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Mastering for Chris Larke. Recording drums for Slingshotmillion2, & Fusion guitarist Skip Taylor

Just yesterday I was working on Mastering Chris Larke`s four new tracks. They are renditions of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”. He paid us for mastering the tracks, as well as our time to make the four tracks. Mixing and mastering. Thanks Chris!

He will also be using Stillbliss records as his label for these releases.

We also recently have been getting jobs from DJ Ali.
He`s been asking us for what the key to certain songs are, as well as pitch shifting songs.

And very soon we will be recording drums, bass, Vocals, & guitar for Slingshotmillion2.

On the 18th of this month we will start recording of the drums, and then the bass, guitars, then vocals, then mix, and then master.

That`s the usually order of our Multi-tracking that we do here.

Skip Taylor will also be coming over to record some fusion guitar on the 26th.

So we are getting busy folks, and we will be keeping you updated on the latest news

Mastering for Chris Larke.

Today I got the ok to master his four tracks, that are remixes of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta” lullaby.

It`s a kind of Mockery on the song, as he has four tracks,

“Kaeru in the Round”- Frog in the round.
“Kaeru Short”- Frog Short.
“Oshiri in the round”- Butt in the round. But he sings about farting.
“Oshiri Short”- Butt short. Also talking about farting. Just shorter.

He will be distributing these four tracks on nearly all online retailers; Itunes, Google play, Amazon etc.

He will be using Stillbliss Records, as his Record Label.

DJ Ali, will also be using our mastering services, like I mentioned earlier. As well as using our label.

And Skip Taylor will be coming over on the 26th this month, so Stay tuned.
Oh yeah, also on another musical note, this years Grammy Nominees album, all the tracks are dope! Bought the cd. No regrets!

OK. Now another sip of Cola!

DJ Ali, and Chris Larke jobs

They`re not exactly “jobs”. As I consider them to be very satisfying when it comes to working in the music business.

Just this morning I was asked to finalize Chris Larke`s four tracks that are a fun twist on the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”.
There will be four tracks, and most likely he will be using us for mastering as well.

And we were also asked by none other than the talented DJ from the US who is currently based in Nagoya- DJ Ali. We were asked to pitch shift two songs of his. We used Sony`s sound forge for that task.

DJ Ali, said he will also be releasing a new album, and will be releasing it under our label- Stillbliss Records.

He will also be using our mastering services for his new album.

OK that`s all so far.

Oh Yes!

Skip Taylor will be coming on the 26th this month to record with me in the studio.

So keep coming back from more Juicy Blissful news!

Chris Larke and “Oshiri in the round”

Recently, we have been in contact with Chris Larke, who lives in the UK.

He has been contacting us via mail, and we have been fine tuning his new track entitled ” Oshiri in the round”. Talking about farts in the classic talkback kids lullabye from Japan called “Kaeru no uta”. The Frog`s song, basically.

He changed things up a bit and instead of the frog croaking, he changed it to the `onara`. Meaning fart in Japanese.

We are almost done with this song. We are just waiting for him to contact us for the final message, whether he approves it or not.

He will be using our label to commercialize this track.

Stillbliss records has never been prouder then now.

Again another blissful piece of news.

Keep coming back, for more news, as Skip Taylor will be coming this month to record guitar and sequence drums with me in the studio- at least that`s as far as I know.

Anyways. Have a great day or night wherever you are.

Peace! I`m out for now.

Chris Larke and a cover copy of Japan’s “Kaeru no uta”!

Or, the Frog song, if you wanna put it that way.

This morning Chris sent me files from a recording session he did the other day. He wanted me to mix the levels, and add elements to the track.

He still hasn’t answered back yet, but I have a feeling he’s going to like the version I sent him.

Of course if it needs to be remade, I will do just that.

It’s the “Kaeru no uta”. The “Frog song” in Japanese it’s a kids lullabye bascially. I think they teach it in schools. And being the great teacher Chris Larke is, I believe he wanted to poke at some fun with a newer rendition about farting instead.

I added some piano, Bass, Drums, and strings.

All in Cakewalk’s Sonar 8.5 edition.

Yes! I still use the Windows XP edition. I mean, if it works, then why not eh? Plus I love getting better Audio gear, then have an update to my DAW.

Anyways, that’s what’s happening at Stillbliss right now.

Stay tuned for more news! As Skip Taylor will be joining us in the Stillbilss revolution, pretty soon. He wanted to record yesterday, but was too Sozzled from a show he had in Tokyo.

He said it went well. And Success breeds Success. So Good for you Skip!

And Chris? Well we just need to hear from him about what he thinks of the new track.

Adios Amigo’s!!

DJ Ali uses us again

Dj Ali, has been using our services recently.

We were asked to make a reggae track of Major Lazer’s famous “Lean On” as well as find the key of different songs, as well as transpose them for his shows. He just said he paid us!

Things are going swell!

Day after tommorow Skip Taylor- The fusion guitarist from Tokyo, will be visiting us for a three hour session. We will take pictures and keep you updated!

Dj Ali uses us again!!

Today I got the privilege to work on a BGM of “Lean on” by Major Lazer, for DJ Ali.

I added loops, played guitar, bass, & even added some synths.

This was all done with #cakewalksonar, & #sony #soundforge.

I still use the #producer version. It’s the 8.5 version.

I’m saving my money for the possibility of DAW failure in the future. But I still love working in #Sonar.

He will pay me what he can. As I do not know anything about the “#musicbusiness. Lol.

N.E. ways. Have a good day! And stay tuned for more music related news.

Resending files for Slingshotmillion2

Today I went into the studio to resend three songs to Yui, the vocalist for Slingshotmillion2.

The songs were “Kawaranai mono”, “Buddies” & “Real.”

I took some time on Buddies. But the mix from before sounded better- I think.

Anyways these aren’t the final for mastering anyways. So I don’t feel bad for the mix.

On another note:

We recently have been using the BLA 173 from Black lion audio. And it really sounds nice! Very smooth and big compared with the FMR audio RNP.

Anyways thats what happened today in the studio.

Chris Larke does it again!

He has come to the studios.
He worked on some older numbers of his that have been sitting around on the DAW in the control room.

We added vocals, mixed some parts and edited four songs of his.
He is visiting Japan for a short time and wanted to work on the songs he sent me through the net. So today, was, a good day!

Yui comes to record her new song

Today Yui (The Female singer for Slingshotmillion2)-Which I am also a part of, came today to the studios.

She recorded vocals, as well as some Electric guitar.
We used the BLA73 from Black Lion Audio for the first time in a session, and I am pretty pleased with the results. Much more depth and clarity, in the frequencies compared with the FMR audio RNP.

It will definitely be a help when Skip Taylor, Chris Larke, and Alika Arroyo come over.

At first I thought my microphone – The Shure KSM 32 sl was broken. But NO! It works flawlessly with this preamp. All that being said. We had a great time in the studio, and I sent off an mp3 to all the band members and I got a “Good Job”. Thumbs up from the band leader Jun.

Anyways, Chris Larke will be coming over this month. As well as Skip Taylor- the Fusion master.

So stay tuned for more Stillbliss news, and MAGIC coming your way!!