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Trashman Radio recording at Stillbliss

Tonight, well, yes tonight.
We recorded a band called Trashman.
We recorded a radio talk show hosted by Slingshotmillion’s Main man Jun.

The session started around 20:00. And finished around, 22:30.

All members of the band seemed happy.
And they all said thank you for the great time they had here.

Overall much fun was had, and the radio talk show will go up on Youtube shortly.

There are four members from the band Trashman, which will be performing with the band Slingshotmillion At Shimokitazawa on the 17th at Rokudemonaiyori live house.

Stay tuned for more news. As we will be recording some more radio shows here in the near future.

Working with Slingshotmillion and Christian larke

Recently we have been working on three songs for Slingshotmillion2. They are pop punk songs with distortion guitar, and drums and bass. Right now as of this writing, our bassist Gareth Harris is applying for a visa in his Homeland of Britian.

He use to play in a band in Europe as the bassist.
We have been mixing these songs, and will be uploading them to Youtube shortly, as our next live gig is in Shimokitazawa on the 17th at Rokudemonaiyori next month.

There are fans of this band, so they would want to sing along with the new songs. So as of this writing this morning, I am actually mixing the songs right now.

We will also be recording some more radio talk shows on the 29th this week.

We also are working with Chris Larke over the net as he sent some STEMS over to me, and I am currently mixing them for him.

I am using the waves Power pack, and well as some soundtoys plugins as well. Things are going swimingly well. Just check back here from time to time, as we let you know what is happening at our studio!

Ok! Have a nice day!!

Gareth Harris comes to record

Yesterday was a blissful moment in time. At least our studio time that is.

We had some laughs and some good recording got done.

We recorded Bass for three new #Slingshotmillion songs.

We started at around 10:45 and ended up finishing at around 17:00.

We got alot completed.

We were sending mp3’s over the net to our band leader who listened to the songs and critiqued each one to where we got it just right.

Overall a good session was had!

Slingshotmillion- Audio champ; Radio session available for listening.

This is a 30 minute radio interview that we recorded here at the studios. it is aired on Youtube. It has an interview of me and Gareth our bassist who use to play in the Anti Vigilante band in Europe.

It also has “High stakes” which is my melody from the PES 2009 soccer game anthem song.

Its all in Japanese, but it is a funny talk show, with ‘la gorrila’ as the host and Yui, the main singer for Slingshotmillion also as the m-cee.

Here is the link to the audio talk show.

We hope you enjoy it.

It’s just about me and Gareth, and our background interview and also Gareth’s previous band song. I don’t want to give it all away here. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself.

Happy listening!!

New song by ‘246 Broken Bus’ entitled “My Love”

This song was written by Me, but it will be performed by my band ‘246 Broken bus’.

It is a love song, a bit sad, but every now and then we need a sad song to make us happy for the good times right?

So here I give you “My Love” Performed by Yui from the band Slingshotmillion.

This song was recorded mixed and mastered all at our studio!

We hope you enjoy it!

By the way, we wil be performing this song at Rokudemonaiyori live house at Shimokitazawa on July 17th.

If you can make it there that would be awesome!

Chris Ekral uses Stillblissstudios for mastering

Christian Larke, or better known for his artist name as Chris Ekral, has been using this studio for a long time now, and we have been connecting with him through the net, with Stems, Remixing, Mastering and mixing, etc.

Today we got the pleasure of mastering his new song “Ewelina & The Eyes_Games (mix)”

It’s a take on The very famous Tv series- Game of thrones.

We mastered it for him.
And we wish you the best Chris on your success!

Chris Studio session

Hey everyone!

Chris Ekral came to the studio the other day.
We recorded some vocals as well as editing some new songs that have been sitting on the studio’s computer for a while now.

So he came all the way from London to record here. Well, he also came to visit Japan. But he came the studio, and that’s really all that matters.

Here he is with his Ukelele. He is back in London, but will be communicating over the net with me about his songs and how he would like them to be.

All these songs will be on most online stores very soon. Under the Stillbliss Records label.

Lyrics for “Stay with me”

Love never came so easily to me
It came by surprise
I just sat there and waited
Biding my time

You turned around
and smiled for me
My whole world opened up

You said I need you
And I said you need me
I didnt understand

Then you kissed me
Now I know

I wanna feel your heartbeat
listen to me
I need ya
I want ya

Please stay right with me
yeah I’ll go crazy
If you’re not
here with me

love is my heart beating for you
an ocean of tears
all gone are the years

Living the way I’m supposed to
biding my time, and not drinking wine

The thoughts in my head
Need to be freed instead

Where’s the love
Where is the hope
I’ll find it
In your eyes

I wanna feel your heartbeat
listen to me
I need ya
I want ya

Please stay right with me
yeah I’ll go crazy
If you’re not
here with me

Sometimes I go to sleep
I pop a pill
To clear my minds eye
To keep my heart still

Because you aren’t there
Why aren’t you with me

oooo oooo oooo

Now that I’ve opened up
Dont cut me apart
If you’ll just listen to me
I swear I wont fall apart

Ooo ooo ooo

Chorus x2