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“Oshiri no uta” and more, available now on online stores!

From Chris Commander.

We have a couple humorous tunes from the artist that hails from the UK.

With his witty remarks/lyrics, to compelling melodies. His genre of music is forever expanding. And with this latest endeavor into children`s tunes, his work is even more tantalizing.

Here is the itunes link.
Here is the cdbaby link.
Here is the Google play link.

And for all you YouTube freaks out there. Here is the youtube link to his Frog /oshiri song.

New JPOP Vocaloid track available real soon!

When it comes to Vocaloid JPOP, Takaki Longfield is quite clever.

He came to our studios, to mix and master. But I told him that this song deserved more than just our mastering services.

So, if you want to endorse our musical endeavours, please buy his NEW song.

The title is called “Summer Spectrum”, by Takaki Longfield.

If you YouTube, vocaloid songs, you will see what kind of style it is.

And all that to say, we mastered it at Abbey Road, where the pop bands go to record, like Oasis, red hot chilli peppers, The beatles, etc, etc.

So it`s very pop!!

If you want to hear it, we will upload it to YouTube very soon.

This post is just to inform you that a new poppy song is soon going to come out with our Label, Stillbliss Records.
Available soon, on Itunes, Google play, Amazon, Spotify, etc, etc.

So! Stay tuned for more Vocaloid news in the future!

And stay blissed out!

New Ep- Tokyo. From band Mother Slug, available very soon!

The EP is entitled Tokyo, from Rock/Grunge band Mother Slug.

This album has been in the making now for over two years, if my memory serves me correctly..

Ha! This was a joint effort between the guitarist and I as well as a session drummer named Mike Marrington. The tracks were basically all done at our studios. Besides some of the guitar parts were added by the guitarist of the band.

I dont know about dropping any real names here per se.

But I wanna tell you it`s a good album to buy!

They will be using our label Stillbliss Records as their official label that is supporting them.

They have used our studio to record their drums for this album, as well as vocals and some light mixing.

The mixing was mostly done by their guitarist, and I have to say, it is a good listen.

From all the albums I own (Which is alot), These guys have really nailed the grunge rock scene perfectly.

With grungy guitars, and Alika Arroyo as main singer and Ichihiro as the main guitarist- this Ep is a killer.

So, check out band Mother Slug`s new forthcoming Ep- Tokyo. Available on Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, and almost all online retailers.

Coming SOON!

New Vocaloid POP track from Takaki Longfield, Coming SOON! Mastered at Abbey Road Studios!!

Yesterday, I was in the studio with none other than Takaki Longfield. He is a master guitarist & Composer in his own right. We met at a live house event in Ikebukuro and later asked me through line if I could mix a song for him.

Little did I know that this song was a very catchy Vocaloid tune.

It has ripping guitar Rhythm, and a catchy vocaloid vocal track as well as pianos all with a pop punk drum behind leading the pack.

We worked for about four hours in the studio together to get the mix just right. As we cannot settle for anything but the best.

It is called “Summer Spectrum”. All sung in Japanese of course.


And since we couldn`t settle for less than the best, we left the mastering up to the top masters of this craft- At Abbey Road studios.

So Abbey road engineers are working on mastering the track as of this writing.

We will be releasing this track on our independant record label- Stillbliss Records.

We will also be uploading the master track toYoutube (Soon) for free Streaming.

So stay tuned for the next pop hit from our Stillbliss hit factory.

Coming soon to all major online retailers!!

Some fun in the sun with Alika Arroyo. And a new album coming soon from Stillbliss Records!

Today, I got to hear from Band singer Alika Arroyo, that he will be pressing cd`s for sale, and will be releasing them online as well. It is from the grunge pop punkish rock band Mother slug.

Yes we dont have many full albums out from this studio, but very soon Stillbliss records will be releasing the new album entitled-Tokyo, from band, Mother slug.

We are also working at the moment with guitarist Takaki Longfield with an original tune, using vocaloid sounds on vocals as well as distortion guitar.

We are passing the stems through our Boutique analog gear to liven up the sound.

And thats what`s been happening on the home front.

KICE/Kayce Lighting up his world!

The Artist name is KICE, but is pronounced Kayce.

He visited us a couple years ago, but is still hacking out live shows and events.
He uses our BGM that we made in the studio. He has quite a following, and here are the videos. So I won`t rant on.

I will let the videos speak for themselves.

All songs were produced at our studios.

“One love”

“Remember Me”



This is where you can buy his CD album.

The album is entitled; Re:Member.

All About Jazz/Blues and it`s influence on humans

You may be thinking, well Jesse doesn`t know anything about Jazz. But there is where you are wrong.

Anyone. And I say this again, ANYONE can play Jazz!

It just takes the unique effort of yourself picking up an instrument, and commiting to it.

Then step two would be practicing with a Metronome.

Step three would be to learn a bit about music theory, maybe. I say maybe, because there are genius`s here looking at this very blog, who are probably more gifted then I.

So next: Jazz works in fourths. Sometimes. And like all good Jazz Composers, Like Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk. Buddy Guy, etc..

Of course people are getting hassled everyday, whether your race religion or creed. But honestly, good music speaks to the heart.

So actually I will rename this to All About Jazz and it`s influence, on humans. US! Yes you and and me are part monkey, part human, but the monkey part left out just makes you a tool for Gods bidding.

Well, a bit of religion with this post. Sorry.

If you don`t want anymore stop right HERE!

Music like I said, is an international language.
Whether METAL, PUNK, Whatever.

It speaks to you.

So, pick up an instrument, and play it with all your heart!

Are YOU soldiering on? Then GREAT!

Today is a bit of a rant, as well as some news.

Today I worked on mixing two tracks sent to me from Chris Commander/Ekral/Larke.

He pays me pittance for my work. But such is life. You got to Soldier ON!

My right monitor speaker is also giving up the ghost. But who cares. We got to soldier on.

My Dad will check it out tommorow. SO Hopefully we will find the problem and then the studio will be good as new.

Anyways, about soldiering on- Sometimes I wonder if even having this blog or studio website makes a difference. All I can do is soldier on and hope for the best.

So are YOU Soldiering on??