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“The Farting Song” by Mr. Clarkey Sings.

Mr.Clarkey has some new tunes up his..never mind. I won’t say it.
But we have to let you know about the latest tunes coming out on Stillbliss Records.

We wish you all a safe return to normal life, pre Covid.
We all are effected by these tough times.
And it is through these tough times, that refine us and define us as to who we really are!

The world needs people who are committed to the right side. not the dark side.
And sometimes we need a little lifting of the spirits. So we give you;

“The Farting Song” by ol’ Mr.Clarkey.


Mixed and mastered here at Stillbliss.

Enjoy! Blissed out folks!

“Fart Song remix” Mastered. And mastering for Rubella from the UK!

So, we finished collaborating and refining the finishing touches for Chris Commanders new tune called “Fart Song Remix”.

We stayed in contact through the net, like how loud the main vocals need to be and how he wants the overall mix to be. And once we got the ok, we mastered it, using T-Racks 3 standard.

This track was quite loud from the beginning, so we just used T-racks.

We just sent it off to him, so be ready for some fun little ditties soon available on all digital download sites from Chris Commander.

Oh yes! I almost forgot to mention.
Rubella from the UK is going to be using us for one of their tunes for their album!

They are releasing an e.p. And are having their tracks mastered all over the world.
And would like to give credit to the person, (aka ,me who masters a track) and also credit to the studio.

They hope to have the e.p pressed on vinyl and cd.

And this studio will be mentioned on the sleeve and booklet too!

Prettty good news eh?

Anyways, just waiting for Rubella to contact me! We can’t wait to hear how they sound!

Go Rubella! Go Chris!!

Ok enough from me. Im out!

Bliss out peeps.

“The Fart Remix”

So, I recently got an offer to mix in some kids voices to Chris Commander’s new tune called- “The Fart Remix”.

It’s a little diddly tune that he is remixing into a 1 minute song.
Soon to be released on our label.

So we are just waiting for his ok and if he wants to add anything else, he will send us the stems.
as for payment, he pays what he deems best for my time and skills.
we seem to be doing ok with this method.

He is respectful to my mixing abilities, or could you say Producer abilities?

Anyways, that is what we are up to recently. As well as mastering a DJ Ali song.

Stay cool peeps, stay blissed out!

Mastering for DJ Ali!

So, Mr. Dj Ali Huggins, sent his mix over to me from the US of A.
We ran it through our trusty T-racks Standard 3 edition.

We sent off two versions to him. One without boosting the frequencies, and one accentuating the needed frequencies.

We hope you like it Ali!

We are also getting asked by another possible client in the UK for our mastering services. Which are quite reasonable. 20$ per track.
Cheap eh?

That doesn’t mean the sound is cheap.

We pride ourselves in everything we do. From the Re-amping, mixing, recording, our session work. We LOVE music. And of course if we can get something in return, that is the joy of owning a recording studio.

So, the song is called “Lockdown” By Ari Jamz.

The song will be released on our label Stillbliss Records. In the near future!

Keep an eye out for this banger!

Ok peeps! Stay Blissed out. JSP signing out for now!

“Baby Cow In A Field” by, Mr Clarkey Sings…Available on Itunes NOW!

The latest gripping kiddy viddie tune by none other than Clarkey.
Of course he wants to stay anonymous for this tune. So We give you Mr. Clarkey Sing’s latest jam from the Stillbliss Factory.

It is a little ditty on how little animals change their names with their level of life that they have achieved.

I mean, if that doesn’t float your boat, then I don’t know what will.


Released on Stillbliss Records!

Mr. Clarkey Sings…”Baby Cow In A Field”

All mixed and mastered here at the studios.

It’s a montage to all the baby animals in the field. Like a goat, horse, cow etc.

YouTube link.

We worked on this song with Mr.Clarkey, over the net.
He sent us the stems for mixing.
He lives in The UK. But he sends us the vocals, bass, synth, and anything else that needs some TLC.

We then run the stems through our analogue gear and then after the ok came from Mr.Clarkey, we then mastered it.

Of course he paid what he wanted for the mixing services. And then paid our asking price of 20$ per track for mastering.

I believe we got it nice and warm sounding. using T-racks 3 standard edition. And the waves L2.

We are still using Cakewalk’s Sonar 8.5 Producer edition.
I mean, if it ain’t broke, why fix it right?
That’s all the blissful news you’ll hear from me for now.

Oh yeah, he released it under our brand: Stillbliss Records.
Cool no?

Here is the link.

It will be available real soon on itunes, Google play, Spotify etc.


Peace out!
Bliss out.

Working for Chris Commander. In the studios.

So today at the studios, we worked on syncing the tracks of a song called “Fart remix”.
It’s a funk version with some hip beats.
We added some funky guitars, replayed the synth, muted the Japanese vocals, and sent it off to Chris for checking.

Now all we gotta do is wait for his reaction to the mix.
This was a mistake session, due to my bad part of un-muting the vocals that weren’t supposed to be there. So he didn’t pay me, which is fair enough!

Anyways, that’s what we have been up to these days.
Stay blissed out! And stay cool, in this hot summer heat.
because- It Feels Like Summer! lol. ok enough talk.
Stay cool peeps~!

“Blah Blah Bullshit” new song! Mastered at Stillbliss.

So Chris Commander has been busy at work with his new jolly little ditties.
This one is about how the politicians just think of themselves and speak nonsense so they can get richer.

We used Sonar for mixing and Sound forge and T-Racks 3 standard edition for mastering.

Listening through 1k$ studio monitors.

Again, we thank you Chris for using us!
If you personally want to use us, please free to contact me Jesse at for bookings in the studio or mastering or mixing services.

We also can play drums, bass, guitar, and add elements such as strings and beats for your trax.

This will be released on all digital download sites on Stillbliss records.
Please wait till about a week from now.

We hope for your safety and health during these troubled times!
Drink water, and stay well!
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
The sun will return after every storm!

“Wasps do not care” new song availbale soon.

We just finished mastering Chris Commander’s new tune called “Wasps do not care” Which is a little ditty created for the pesty little flyers they are.

We used Sonar for recording and mixing. And for mastering we used IK-Multimedia’s T racks 3 standard edition.

We always offer this service for 20$ a track.

We are excited to see people using us as well as this new song from Chris Commander.

He will be releasing it very soon, all on our Independant label: Stillbliss Records.

Available (Very soon) on all digital download sites.

We had fun making it! We hope you enjoy it as well!